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4 Common Causes for Gum Recession

Gum recession is an oral condition that occurs when the gum tissue pulls away from teeth, exposing the roots underneath. The presence of gum disease typically causes it. However, understanding how certain factors can lead to gum recession can equip you to be proactive with your oral health care regime. Remember that practicing the proper oral health care techniques is an effective way to prevent gum recession. 

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What are the common causes of gum recession? 

Gum disease

Periodontal disease is one of the typical causes of gum recession. Gum disease can occur when bacteria multiply along the gum line in the form of plaque or tartar. Thus, the receding of gum tissue from its original position leads to the formation of pockets that further increases bacterial infection. While bacteria are present naturally in the mouth, a significant problem can arise when there is an excessive accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.

One of the practical ways to prevent gum disease is by practicing proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly. 

Brushing technique

Improper brushing technique is another common cause of gum recession. Wondering what the proper brushing techniques are? For starters — always make sure to invest in a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Stiff bristles can be abrasive to the gum tissue and irritate the gums. Similarly, brushing too hard or with great force is a Big NO as it can disrupt the health of your gum tissues. Additionally, following aggressive brushing techniques can also wear down your tooth enamel over time, causing you to suffer from sensitivity.

Poor oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth and flossing daily along with semi-annual dental cleanings are must-haves to ensure the health and hygiene of your teeth. These simple habits play a significant role in controlling the bacterial population of your mouth, further enabling you to eliminate the risk of gum disease or tooth decay. Remember that brushing your teeth cleans about 60% of your tooth’s surface, while the remaining 40% is taken care of by effective flossing. Skipping either makes your teeth prone to the accumulation of plaque or tartar. Such situations often leave your gums irritated, leading to gum recession.

Teeth problems

Teeth and gums are interdependent structures. Thus, the problems that affect your teeth are always likely to cause issues in your gums and vice versa. One such problem is the misalignment of teeth or having a misaligned bite. Misalignment can particularly arise when excessive pressure is exerted on certain teeth. This pressure is also capable of causing gum recession around the tooth. Another common problem that can lead to gum recession is teeth grinding or clenching. 

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